Singers, Actors, Dubbers and Speakers

The mechanical ability to consciously play the vocal instrument is the basis of everything.

Voce Vera uses the fundamentals of the American EVT ™ method to train students the conscious control of phonatory muscles and ensure a balance between vocal health and artistic freedom.


Rossana Baroncelli, CCI-TP-SD from 2001 to 2016

Singing and acting are, by definition, make-believe and dramatic activities

The emotional authenticity of the Voce Vera student resonates with the emotions of the public. Through the use of the principles of the Stanislavsky method, the student explores similarities between the text or story to recite or sing.

The technical choice of voice quality, the intensity, the inflections, the nuances, and in general all the language of non-verbal performance is dictated by the actual experience of the performer, without the need for any falsity or mask.

Do you perform with the goal of pleasing the listener?
Do you know the sensation of metaphysical freedom?

Concentration and personal growth exercises allow the artist to recognize mental chatter and the ego and provide the tools to silence them so that performers can express their originality.

When an artist is able to perform beyond the expression of the ego, he or she can reach the experience of the metaphysics of performance.

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Only when you drink from the river of silence shall you indeed sing.

Khalil Gibran




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Be aware of the training deficiencies that generate fear of public in you