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If I do not feel entirely adequate in a situation, I expect that others will notice sooner or later: this generates fear.

Vera optimizes the voice for public speaking through the following disciplines: mechanics of the vocal instrument, style and aesthetics of communication, mental and emotional training.

With the test below, you can start to become aware of the educational gaps that generate feelings of inadequacy and fear of the public.

Communication and public speaking for business purposes are often characterized by how the speaker manipulates a speech to obtain a result.

In these situations, the communicator is forced to wear a mask, often imposed by a superior, and has difficulty attending to the expression of themselves and their own inner truth through the voice (the main goal of Vocevera).

Spontaneous non-verbal communication reveals the attempt to contrive a certain effect and causes a loss of confidence on the part of the interlocutor.

You're at your best when you are yourself,
but if you try to be another person,
you’ll always only be
the best number two.

Leo Buscaglia


Each sport requires its own mental training!

Public speaking is an athletic activity that involves the whole person. Voce Vera offers specific mental training for the performer. In particular, the technical investigation of the personality -the mapping of your fears - facilitates the knowledge of your ego, while the identification of personal triggers allows you to learn how to manage them, which is necessary for overcoming fears.

You can read more by having a look at the “Emotions and Mind" page or the course description for "Speaking without Stress."







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Be aware of the training deficiencies that generate fear of public in you