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This course is open to all singers who already have a solid foundation in vocal techniques (any method) and want to deepen the artistic and emotional interpretation of song lyrics. It is also recommended to those who perform in musicals and want to refine the art of acting.

This course is useful for anyone who wants to deepen the artistic interpretation and emotional aspects of any written text (speech, monologue, etc.).


  • Adapt Stanislavsky methods (mental and physical action) to analyze the text to be performed.
  • Ensure that the technical choices or the vocal tones for a performance–the intensity, the inflections, the nuances, and the non-verbal communication — are dictated by the actual experience of the singer without phoniness or pretenses.


Explore ways to discover the affinity between the emotions evoked by a song’s lyrics and the singer’s inner world. Write a subtext to research the motives and sentiments that push the singer to sing the exact words of the text in a certain way. They become authentic words, charged with truth, and convey the singer’s emotions and history.

Practical exercises to expand the range of vocal tones, inflections and purposeful pauses, consistent with the work described above.


1 day

Possibile to add an extra half-day for additional exercises


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