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This course is devoted entirely to Belting, a vocal technique that reigns as the queen of Broadway musical performances, but is also used in pop, rock, and folk music. The voice quality requires a specific phonatory technique by which a person brings his/her chest register above its natural “passaggio” at a loud volume. Singers such as Christina Aguilera, Whitney Houston, Barbra Streisand, Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Celine Dion, Adele are known for their signature styles of belting.

This course is helpful for neophytes seeking technical explanations for effective, exciting, and high-quality vocal execution. It is also helpful for those who already use belting to perform, but need clarification on specific aspects or want to strengthen and improve their current approach.

Designed for singers, actors, teachers, leaders, politicians, and generally anyone who needs to exert a high-volume voice without causing any trauma (such us dysphonia and nodules) to their vocal folds.


  • Gain a detailed understanding of the physiological and mechanical skills needed to produce healthy and viable Belting as identified by the voice scientist Jo Estill, founder of the Estill Voice Training ™ method.
  • Guide the student to find a balance between vocal health and aesthetic freedom in order to avoid fatigue and more serious diseases such as vocal cords nodules and other voice disorders.


  • How to minimize airflow during Belting production (longer closed phase of the vocal folds: 70% or greater)
  • How to retract the false vocal folds
  • How to produce a downwards tilt of the cricoid cartilage
  • How to set the larynx in a high position
  • How to narrow the aryepiglottic sphincter
  • How to maximize muscular effort of the extrinsic laryngeal muscles, and minimize the effort at the level of the true vocal folds
  • How to engage the muscles in the head and neck in order to stabilize the larynx
  • How to maximize muscular engagement of the torso
  • Open Session with individual vocal coaching on Belting production


1 day

With the possibility of adding a half-day of additional exercises


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