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A leader is a reference person. He or she influences and guides a movement or a group. To do this, a leader must be credible, passionate, and inspire confidence.

This occurs when the voice, body, and posture transmit genuine feelings that the person experiences when he or she is speaking. A voice is credible when it’s perfectly in tune with the content it is expressing. The emotions and pathos of the voice reflect the enthralling excitement that comes from being in touch with your own truth.

Laziness does not pay: mental and vocal muscle training is essential for a leader.



  • Find and take advantage of the power and pathos inherent in body and the vocal instrument
  • Experience the conscious balance between psyche, body, and voice
  • Express passion through the voice
  • Discover and use the nuances of the voice: the more one is able to express, the more layered elements of the speaker’s message may resonate


  • Anatomy and physiology of the vocal instrument
  • Posture and conscious breathing
  • Unlock facial and body muscles to unlock emotions and the voice
  • Voice training: vocal gymnastics, voice colours, diction at distance
  • Concentration and presence exercises to prepare for a performance
  • Solve common problems:The voice tires and loses strength after a while: the leader must control his or her breathing to avoid vocal fatigue
    What to do when end of sentences fade, when the audience can’t hear the last word: “what did he say?”
    Overcome constricted vocalization that lacks power and harmony*

*Can be combined with the Belting course


1 day 

With the possibility of adding a half-day of additional exercises


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