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Team building while working on communication and vocal techniques holds an intrinsic educational value. There’s an element of fun in this course which helps entertain a group and allows each person to experience the importance of his or her own membership on the team.

According to a study by the Institute for Social Research at the University of Michigan (one of the largest social research organizations in the world), collaborative conversations have cognitive benefits that aren’t found in competitive conversations. Researchers discovered that participants who engaged in ten-minute conversations devoted to getting to know another person improved while performing a series of subsequent cognitive tasks. Conversely, participants who engaged in competitive conversations did not show any improvement in subsequent cognitive tasks.


  • Learn to experience collaborative communication and facilitate positive exchanges among colleagues. Thrive in a climate of knowledge and interaction, and improve working life and business productivity.
  • Improve your listening and acceptance skills to establish a relaxed atmosphere that puts the other person at ease.
  • Start expressing your own uniqueness as an essential note in the group’s harmony.


  • Anatomy and physiology of phonatory posture exercises
  • Verbal and nonverbal (own and partner’s) listening exercises
  • Psycho-physical awareness, presence, and concentration exercises
  • Address fear of judgment and acceptance
  • Psycho-physical exercises to communicate “in balance”
  • Group sound games
  • Collaborative communication


1 day


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