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The anxiety most often is associated with public speaking can be translated into thoughts like these:

“I won’t be convincing, they won’t understand, they’ll be bored, they’ll think that I’m not a good communicator, I’ll blush during the interview, my voice will tremble, I’ll have nervous body language, they’ll know that I’m anxious, they’ll think poorly of me, and their negative observations will affect my career..”

From an article by Silvia Sperandio – May 14, 2014 – Il Sole 24 Ore

Fear of the public can be caused by a lack of knowledge of:

  1. mechanics of the vocal instrument
  2. interpretation and expressive style appropriate to the context of the performance
  3. how to manage one’s emotions and mental processes

This course is aimed at those who wish to expand their emotional competence during vocalization and begin to train their minds to handle public performances.


  • Become aware of the mind’s monologue when it is under stress
  • Learn to identify one’s fears
  • Learn to recognize the patterns of one’s own emotions
  • Understand the Breakout principle
  • Overcome fear by turning mental switches
  • Speak “in a conscious balance”


  • Silence, listening, awareness, presence, and concentration exercises
  • Managing stress through breathing and vocal presence
  • Personal leadership: truth, ethics, motivation, inspiration, acceptance
  • Experiments in finding your center and emotional balance
  • Mapping out your fears
  • The Breakout principle
  • Discover your own triggers


2 days


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