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Vocalization is a complex process that involves all aspects of being human; it creates an instinctive reaction in the listener about who we are.

According to the Austrian physician and psychiatrist Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957), founder of modern psychosomatics, the human body is often the victim of heavy emotional repression. We adopt certain behavior that, when repeated over time, causes us to form a psycho-physical shell. We hide our personality behind that shell in order to protect who we really are.

Such physical and mental armor restricts the freedom and happiness of the individual. This affects his posture, movements in space, interpersonal communication, and especially the sound of his voice: soft, aggressive, anxious, hard, trembling, sad, monotonous, etc.


  • Loosen psychophysical armor
  • Facilitate the expression of each emotion with the body
  • Allow your true voice to flow from the depths: the voice of who you really are in this moment.


  • Free and instinctive movement with music
  • Free dance without choreographed movements
  • Silence, listening, and awareness
  • Emotional centering and psychophysical balance exercises
  • Exercises for vocalization, awareness and acceptance of one’s own voice


1 day

with the possibility of adding a half-day of additional exercises


The program and the basic exercises are continuously modified by the teacher to address the perceived needs of the group.


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